Best Rubik’s Cube Gifts: 12 Fun Categories

Do you want a Rubik’s Cube-themed gift for somewhere you care about? 

Are you looking for some cube-related gear to satisfy your solving itch? 

Since its invention in 1974, the Rubik’s cube has remained popular and ever grown in popularity in recent years, especially among young people. 

The mystery and allure of solving one of the world’s most fascinating puzzles attract all people. 

What better way to show you care for a cube solver than with one of the best Rubik’s cube gifts. 

Rubik’s cube gifts come in many forms and make the perfect way to show someone you understand and appreciate their passions. Categories include: 

We’ll help you sort through the options to find the best Rubik’s cube-themed gift for your situation.

Disclaimer: We love Rubik’s cubes and puzzles like this, but we aren’t officially associated with the company (though we love them!). Click HERE to visit the Rubik’s Cube Official Website.  

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Rubik’s Cube Gift Items By Category

Outside of buying a cube itself, there are a ton of options to show off your or a loved one’s passion for the simple but mysterious cube. 

In this section, we’ll go over each category and what to expect. 

Click on the images in each section to head over to the categories to find more information and buy one of the gifts. 


Everyone needs a bag! 

Whether tote or drawstring bag, these quality and durable Rubik’s-themed bags will help you carry items around in style. 

Bath, Shower, and Beach

If you or someone is really passionate about the cube (or you just like the patterns and colors), check out these bath mats, towels, and shower curtains to use in your bathroom. 

The towel, in particular, is quite comfortable and soft! 

Office, School, and Phone Cases

From notebooks to clocks to phone cases, a Rubik’s item will catch the eye of anyone who looks at it. 

You may discover another cube lover in the process or impress people with your intellectual interests. 

Blankets and Throws

Cuddle up with these soft and warm blankets to display in your living room or bedroom. 

A lot of themed-blankets feel odd and come apart when washed. 

Not these ones. 

They’re comfy and tough. 

Christmas Stockings

Express yourself with a fun Christmas stocking featuring the cubed pattern that’s caught humanity’s attention for nearly 50 years. 

Why keep a plain, boring stocking around when you can give someone one that demonstrates what they enjoy?

Jigsaw Puzzles

What cuber doesn’t like puzzles? We created these Rubik’s Cube Themed Jigsaw puzzles to turn cubing into family time. We made sure these weren’t too easy, so they are definitely going to be a lot of fun.


Sadly, masks are a necessity in today’s world, and though we may not need them as much in the future, they’ll stay around for a while. 

We might as well make the most of this extra garment by picking some that show off who we are. 

If you or a loved one enjoy solving the Rubik’s cube, these masks are exactly what you need.

I feel so proud when I walk around (socially-distanced, of course) wearing one of these.  

Mugs & Water Bottles

Hard-core coffee, tea, and hot cocoa drinkers alike will love having one of these fun and colorful mugs to drink from.

Unlike many specialty mugs, these ones won’t lose their color after a few washes.

They’ll stay vibrant and clear for years (as long as they’re treated nicely!). 

Reusable water bottles are critical in protecting the environment, but they don’t have to be boring.


Relax comfortably on one of the Rubik’s-theme pillows. 

With just the right amount of stuffing and a smooth-feeling exterior material, you’ll be asleep in minutes when you curl up with one of these bad boys. 


Stick with the current fashion trend of unique socks while showing off your passion for solving puzzles with one of our socks. 

The shoes come in a variety of sizes and wear quite comfortably. 


Want to save some money and get a simple, fun decoration? 

Get some Rubik’s-themed stickers and plaster it everywhere you want to elevate your normal items.

Reasons To Get Rubik’s Cube Gifts

A Rubik’s cube-themed present is a great gift to give anyone. 

Don’t believe us? 

Check out these reasons why you should get one (or more!). 

Show Off Your Interests

There are few things in the world that seem to symbolize intelligence like solving the Rubik’s cube. 

Since its invention in 1974 on, the cube has stood as a bastion of smarts and wit. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones who manage to stick with it enough to solve, pretty much anyone will think you’re smart when you show off your skills. 

These gifts for yourself or a loved one demonstrate to the world your interests in solving puzzles. 

It tells people who you are and how you’re not ashamed of your intellectual hobbies.

Popular With Modern Fashion

WhoWhatWear lists nostalgia as one of the rising trends in fashion. 

The things that were popular in the past are becoming more popular again. 

People are thinking back to a happier, simpler time. 

Young people are defining themselves by embracing the fashion of their grandparents. 

Some call it Retro; some call it nostalgia. 

Regardless, it’s easy to see how this “toy” is rising in popularity (though to be fair, it’s stayed pretty popular it’s whole life!). 

The gifts here embrace this trend whole-heartedly. 

Fun Colors And Patterns

Its fun puzzle aside, there seems to be something about the simple cube that attracts our eyes. 

The patterns have been featured in popular culture ever since its invention, but it’s also found its way into art. 

It’s not uncommon to find the cube as a standalone statue. 

There’s even a sub-genre of art called Rubik’s Cubism inspired by the colors and patterns. 

Our gifts draw on this inspirational pattern for you and others to enjoy. 

Find Other Cube Enthusiasts

Humans are social creatures. 

Even the most introverted person still wants to connect with the few people they let in their inner circle. 

One of the ways we connect is through shared interests. 

The first time I solved the cube I was alone. 

It was thrilling, but nothing compared to the first time I solved it in front of other people.

Sharing is a natural part of the human condition. 

The Rubik’s cube gifts will help with this. 

Whether it’s a shirt or water bottle, people will see your cube-themed gifts and strike up a conversation. 

Whether they are enthusiasts themselves or just interested, it’ll build a connection and bring people closer together. 

Don’t Break The Bank!

The value of gifts aren’t shown by their purchase price.

The value of a gift is shown by how much thought you put into it. 

If you know someone who likes the cube and you get them one of these gifts, they’ll know you care. 

They’ll know you understand their personality and spent the time to find something that fits them. 

This is why our customers are always coming back and sharing stories of how surprised they were to see how happy the gift receivers were. 

But you know what? Times are tough. 

We get it. 

When you buy a gift, you need to make sure its quality AND the person will love it. 

With our products, you get both: 

  • A gift that shows you care
  • A gift that doesn’t break the bank

Where Can I Buy A Rubik’s Cube?

We don’t currently create and sell Rubik’s cubes themselves, but we encourage you to check them out at the link below. 

Click to shop Top Rated Cubes.

A Rubik’s cube itself is another great gift, though if you’re reading this article you probably already have one. 

Still, there are variants out there to check out including the 2×2 cube and the Pyraminx. 

Besides this, there are variations in colors, speed, and set up. 

We have an embarrassing number of cube and shape puzzles in our office, but maybe that’s not surprising considering the website we run. 

If you do happen to get one of the other shape puzzles, be sure to check out our How To Solve tabs at the top of the website. 

There we post our viral guides on how to solve. 

Don’t forget to check out our affiliate YouTube channel that started it all (with some videos topping 3 million views as of this writing). 

Whether getting a cube or Rubik’s cube gifts (or both!), it’s a slam dunk present for anyone interested in puzzles. 

Happy solving, friends!