Rubik’s Cube Blankets: In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to find the best Rubik’s cube blanket for yourself?

Do you want to avoid buying a low-quality product and wasting your money?

Honestly, who wouldn’t? But it’s hard to sort through the hundreds of products out there to find the Rubik’s cube blanket for you or a loved one. 

We’re here to help with this in-depth buyer’s guide on what to look for in these blankets. 

We’ll talk about the ones we offer AND what to look for if you shop somewhere else (though we think ours are the best!). 

Let’s get into it! 

Disclaimer: We love Rubik’s cubes and puzzles like this, but we aren’t officially associated with the group (though we love them!). Check out their website here.  

What To Look For In Rubik’s Cube Blankets

In this section, we’ll go over what to look for in a Rubik’s cube blanket. 

Before we get into this, you need to know a little about how making a specialty blanket works. 

Sellers often go through a printer or manufacturer who takes a blanket and prints or embeds a unique pattern on it, in this case, cube-themed images. 

Still, this means you need to look at the blanket to tell its quality. 

This is where a guide like this will come in handy. 

Here is what we recommend you watch out for. 


Blankets must, first and foremost, be comfortable. 

Check out the thread count, material, and other things like this to determine its level of comfort, but more than this, listen to what actual users have to say. 

This is what we did when we shopped around for blankets to use as our canvas for super cube-themed blankets. 

Keep in mind: comfort isn’t objective; it depends on the person. 

Some may prefer heavy and warm (that’s me!) while others prefer light and silky to the touch. 

Take a moment while shopping to think about what you prefer and keep this in mind. 


We put this element next because blankets are an investment. They often cost a little more, and there’s little worse in the world than buying something and having it last only a short time. 

We avoid this altogether by making our blankets out of the most durable materials and construction we could find. 

You don’t have to worry about our being a waste of money. You’ll have it for a long time. 


My cousin once bought a blanket online and was extremely excited about it. When they got it in the mail, they were heartbroken. 

They didn’t bother to look at the size when they ordered it, and now it wouldn’t even cover their legs!

Any seller worth their salt will offer blankets in various sizes, but you need to make sure you know what you’ll get for that size. 

Take some time to measure or eyeball out what you think you’ll need and triple-check you click the right option. 

Speaking of seller’s worth their salt, that’s us! We make sure to offer our blankets in various sizes. 

Check out the later section or click the links above to see what sizes are available. 

Type Of Blanket

There are a ton of different types of blankets out there. Do you know which kind you want?

Take the time to figure it out for yourself.

When it comes to specialty blankets (such as printed Rubik’s cube blankets), there are three common types: 

Plush Blankets - Plush blankets are single-layer material blankets. They’re usually lighter and soft to touch. 

Fleece Blankets - These are more focused on being heavier, warm, and fluffy to the touch. 

Duvet Covers - Duvets are basically comforters with replaceable outsides. It’s like a comforter meets a pillow w/ pillowcase. 

The insert is something you need to have already, and what you get is a soft, durable cover to go around the insert, which provides warmth and weight based on your preference. 

Wouldn’t you know it? We offer Rubik’s cube throw blankets in all these types! 


Material is key to the weight and feeling of the blanket. 

Common materials include: 

  • Sherpa Fleece - Heavy yet soft
  • Microfiber - Silky and durable
  • Polyester - Durable and light

Blanket Vs. Throw Blanket

We hear people ask all the time: 

What’s the difference between a blanket and a throw blanket?

Really, throw blankets are a subcategory of blankets. 

Throw blankets are intended to be put on top of furniture and moved around as needed. Most often, these are “thrown” on the backs of chairs, couches, and sectionals. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t use them on your bed; it just means they’re small and light enough to stay out of the way in a high-traffic area.

Fleece and plush blankets are good examples of Rubik’s cube throw blankets. 

About Our 3 Rubik’s Cube Blanket Types

In this section, we’ll give you some details about our 3 options available. 

Keep in mind: we offer various patterns on each blanket type, so you’ll need to click the links and images around this to learn more about the design. 

Use this section to help you learn a little more about each type. 

Sherpa Fleece Blanket

This is one of our top sellers (and one I love to have in my living room!). 

It’s a Sherpa Fleece design, meaning it has some weight for warmth while still being fuzzy/fluffy to the touch. 

It’s made of polyester and quite durable; use it inside or outside. 

The print is on one side while the pattern is proudly (and durably) printed on the other. 

It has hemmed edges for more durability and won’t come apart at the seams under normal usage. 

All in all, it makes an excellent Rubik’s cube throw blanket. 

We carry this in two standard sizes: 

  • 50” x 60”
  • 60” x 80”

Microfiber Duvet Cover

Make your bedroom or guest room a cube-themed haven of comfort with one of our duvet covers. 

This blanket is made from 100% lightweight microfiber polyester. 

It’s light and feels smooth to the touch (while also being insanely durable). 

As a duvet cover, you’ll need to make sure the size lines up with your insert for it to fit. 

The zipper is invisible, so no one will see the tacky thing once it’s on your bed. 

The weight and warmth are determined by your insert (not included), but the cover was made to be tough, long-lasting, and easily cleaned. 

Sizes include: 

  • Queen
  • Twin

Note: Sizes follow typical dimensions for the bed sizes. 

Velveteen Plush Blanket

This is another perfect Rubik’s cube throw blanket, but there are many who also use this at the end of their bed when they need a little extra warmth. 

As a 100% polyester plush blanket, you'll be comfortable underneath this silky and light cover. 

It’s printed on one side with amazing patterns with a simple but smooth underneath for you to cuddle with. 

We include a double-needle topstitch at all seams to ensure it doesn’t come apart at the seams when used repeatedly. 

This was critical to us because we know once you feel and see it, you’ll be using it all the time. 

Sizes include: 

  • 30” x 40”
  • 50” x 60”
  • 60” x 80”

Side By Side Comparison Of Our Rubik’s Cube Blanket Types

Here’s a chart that may help you decide which blanket type is for you. 

We believe in our blankets and pick only the best patterns and blankets for you. 

Use this chart as a tool to pick one, and then go to the matching page and select one of the fun and cool designs featuring everyone’s favorite cube puzzle. 

ElementSherpa Fleece BlanketMicrofiber Duvet CoverVelveteen Plush Blanket
Sizes Offered50” x 60” 60” x 80”Twin and Queen40” x 50”. 50” x 60”. 60” x 80”
Best Features- Heavier- Warm- Fuzzy feeling- Fits on beds- Smooth- Durable- Easy to clean- Light- Silky to touch- Good for many uses
Material100% polyester on one side and Sherpa fleece on the other100% lightweight microfiber polyester100% polyester
Number Of Patterns Available534
Throw Blanket?YesNoYes
Price RangeMedium-LowMediumLow

Do You Also Sell Pillows?

Absolutely? What Rubik’s cube blanket would be complete without a matching pillow?

At this time, we offer only square throw pillow patterns, but these provide the perfect accent to your blanket. 

Check out the Pillow category page for more on this and any of our other amazing products. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know a little more about Rubik’s cube blankets and what to look for. 

If you’re interested in our products, click the links above to check them out right away

Nothing will show off you or your loved one’s of the cubes better than these blankets. 

Not only that but now you know how to pick which one will be the most comfortable for you and your situation. 

Don’t forget to also check out our reviews of the: 

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