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Are you looking for a simple yet satisfying puzzle?

The Rubik’s cube 2×2 is one of those that many people start out with before graduating to the larger and traditional 3×3 cousin, but it’s still fun in and of itself. 

Some people struggle to solve it quickly, so we decided to offer this guide on how to solve a 2×2 Rubik’s cube.

Note: Though we love the Rubik’s cubes here are Cool Cube Merch, we aren’t officially affiliated with the brand name. Check out their website for more cool stuff too!

How To Solve a 2 by 2 Rubik’s Cube Step By Step

Although the 2×2 rubik’s cube algorithms aren’t too hard, you may need some help to get you started. 

In this section, we’ll go over the steps shown in the video on how to solve this fun puzzle. 

Whether you watch the video, read the post, or both, don’t give up! 

This is a blast to solve and can be done quickly. 

If you’re looking to solve the 3×3 Rubik’s cube or the pyraminx, click the links in this sentence. 

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Step #1 The White Side

For this step of our 2×2 rubik’s cube solver, our goal is to solve the white side so the whites are all on the same side AND the colors attached to the white sides match each other. 

Start by finding a side that has only one white corner on it. 

This will become our top. 

Now look for a white piece that has one of the matching sides with your starting white piece. 

For example, if your starting white piece also has green and orange, the next white piece you look for needs to have green OR orange. 

Look at the bottom layer first for one of these pieces. 

Move this piece under where it belongs. Look for the color to match the side colors of your start piece. 

Perform an elevator move. 

Now, you need to repeat with the other white sides on the bottom layer. 

If there are any white pieces on the top but in the wrong position, perform an elevator move to knock the piece out, and then repeat with it in the right position. 

When all the white pieces are on one side with the colored sides matching each other, you know you’ve done it right. 

Step #2 The Yellow Corners

The next step in how to solve a 2×2 rubik’s cube easy is to solve the yellow corners. 

In this step, we’re looking to have yellow corners in the right place, though they won’t all be in the right orientation. 

Start by putting the solved white side on the bottom. 

Look at your yellow corners. Note if any of them are in the right spot (though they may not be in the right orientation). 

For example, one of your yellow corners may also contain a red and a blue. Look at the colors below (attached to the white side) and see those are also red and blue. 

Again, they don’t have to be the right orientation, but it needs to be in the right spot to start this step.

We’re looking for a setup where only 1 of the 4 corners matches the color beneath it. Rotate the top layer until it meets this requirement. 

Remember, yellow doesn’t have to be on top for this step. 

Hold the cube so white is on the bottom and the correct corner we found is in the top right of the yellow side (which is opposite the white). 

Follow these steps: 

  1. Top to the left
  2. Right side up
  3. Top to the right
  4. Left side up
  5. Top to the left
  6. Right side down
  7. Top to the right
  8. Left side down

It may happen at the end of this that none of the corners match correctly. It happens. 

If this is the case, put the matching corner in the top right and do the steps again. 

Rarely, one cycle will do it. If this is the case, move on to the next step.  

Warning! If there are two matching corners at the beginning of this step, you still need to rotate the top layer so that only one of the corners match. 

Doing the moves with two matching corners will begin an endless cycle that can’t be solved. 

Note: If there are two opposite corners correct, you’ll have to do the cycle one extra time to reset the pattern to a one correct corner setup. 

Step #3 Finish The Cube

At the end of this step, you’ll have the whole puzzle done, and you’ll be a master of solving the 2 by 2 Rubik’s cube (well, with practice). 

Find a corner where the yellow is on the side and orient the cube so it sits on the right. 

Now, follow these steps: 

  1. Right side down
  2. Bottom to the left
  3. Right side up
  4. Bottom to the right
  5. Right side down
  6. Bottom to the left
  7. Right side up
  8. Bottom to the right

If you’re lucky, the yellow will now be on top in the right spot. 

Most likely, it won’t be yet, so you have to repeat these steps again. 

When that yellow corner is set, you’ve got this corner solved. 

Don’t move your cube! 

Note: At this point, the bottom will appear messed up. That’s normal, but don’t move your cube around or you’ll have to start over when you lose your spot. 

Rotate the top layer to the left. 

If this corner is solved and matches the one you just fixed, awesome. Rotate again. 

If not, solve it with the steps above until it’s solved as well. 

Rotate the top to the left. Don’t move your cube! 

Solve this corner as well. 

Repeat until all top yellows are correct. 

Once the corners are all solved, rotate the top until the sides match. 

Now you’ve solved the 2×2 Rubik’s cube! 

Final Thoughts

Congrats on mastering how to solve a 2×2 Rubik’s cube!

With practice, you may want to join the speed solving community, go to some competitions, or attend a convention. 

If you feel up to it, take on the 3×3 or the pyraminx. 

Don’t forget to also check out our awesome gear (linked below) with a Rubik’s cube theme. 

There’s something satisfying about solving these geometric puzzles, and I hope you end up enjoying it as much as we do. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get a lot about the 2×2. 

Is a 2×2 Harder Than A 3×3? 

No, the 3×3 is harder because it has extra layers to track, though some of the moves remain the same.  

If you’ve solved the 3×3 before, you may notice a lot of similarities between the 2×2 and the 3×3. The 2×2 may be considered an easier version of the 3×3. 

The elevator used to solve the white corners and the ending rotations for getting the yellow corners in the right place are exactly the same. 

For these steps, it’s like you’re dealing with the same puzzle. 

But the extra 18 pieces add in quite a few extra steps (the 2×2 has 8 different pieces and the 3×3 has 26).

Who Has The 2×2 Rubik’s Cube World Record?

In speed cubing, two sets of records are kept for an individual puzzle. 

The first is for the fastest solve period. 

This is currently held by MACIEJ CZAPIEWSKI with a time of 0.49 seconds. (Citation)

The second record is the fastest average. In this record, speed solvers must solve the cube five times in a row. 

The fastest and slowest solves are dropped, and the score is the average of the three in the middle. 

As of this writing, the record is held by MARTIN VÆDELE EGDAL with an average time of 1.21 seconds. (Citation)

If you want to try for the record, there are specific tools you must use to track the time. 

But start practicing! 

How Fast Can Justin Bieber Solve The Rubik’s Cube?

It’s weird how often we’re asked this. 

The Canadian singer made headlines by solving his 3×3 Rubik’s cube in two minutes. 

This is above average for most people, but far away from the actual speed solvers. 

Still, way to go, Justin! 

Do I Need A Special Cube For Speedcubing?

You don’t need one, but there are brands that come more highly recommended than others. 

Obviously, you’ll want one that’s smooth to use and adjust tension for setting your cubes just the way you like it. Shopping for the 2×2 Rubik’s Cube online is our recommendation for the best selection.

Some people prefer magnetic Rubik’s Cubes so they stop in place with the flick of a finger, but everyone has their own views on this.

Check out the list of best speed 2×2 cubes on Amazon.

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